Dressing for the the Autumn/Winter season and through into spiring can be a daunting task for many. Various questions such as what colours should you wear, how to layer garments, what footwear can carry me through the season are all questions we have been asked in recent months.
Bordeaux red is a really warm colour that can add a bit of vibrancy to the bleak seasonal months. This week we present to you a selection of garments using seasonal hues that not only look colourful and on-trend but are stylish and will enhance your wardrobe.

We have picked some essentials to carry you thorough including 2 styles of footwear, polo shirt, jumper and cardigan.

Grenson - Archie Brogues in Bordeaux - £205

Adidas Originals -
Gazelle OG Trainers in Maroon - £65

Fred Perry Polo Shirts - Available in a wide variety of colours - Prices ranging from £42 - £75

Fred Perry - Boiled Tipped Cardigan in Port - Was £100 Currently in Sale at £75

Fred Perry - Pique Crew Neck Jumper in Blood Red - Was £95 Currently in Sale at £71.25

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